Ms. Andrea Corner,UN Women China Office
2014年10月23日 11:48

special assistant and corporate social responsibility coordinator,UN Women China Office

Good Morning distinguished guest, ladies and gentleman,

My name is Andrea Conner,

It is my great pleasure to be here today at the 2014 Shanghai International Forum on Women's Development. On behalf of my fellow colleagues from UN Women I would like to extend our congratulations to the Shanghai Women's Federation for organizing this event. This is the 8th time that women and men from diverse cultures have gathered in Shanghai to exchange knowledge on issues important to the advancement of women.

During the last 20 to 30 years, some important steps towards women's empowerment have been taken with Chinese women making the great strides in education. Their capacity to lead and participate at all levels of society has never been greater.

But there is still more work to do! For example according to the All China Women's Federation 10 year Surveys on the Status of Women, the income gap between women and men has widened. Dropping from 78% of their male counterparts in 1990 to 67% in 2010. Chinese women also lack access to capital and assets to pursue their own business initiatives making it even more difficult to compete equally with men. These issues are not just specific to China; rather women in my home country, the United States and many other parts of the world face these same challenges. These statistics illustrate why forums such as this are so important, because it brings together people with a variety of talents and differing worldviews to inspire change and elevates the status of women and society.

Next year is the anniversary of Beijing+20, and everyone will be focusing on China.

The Platform for Action adopted at the 1995 United Nation Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, is an agenda for women's empowerment, offering a defining policy framework and roadmap for achieving gender equality and women's rights. The resulting Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was adopted by governments at the Fourth World Conference and set forth governments' commitments to gender equality in 12 critical areas of concern. 189 UN Member states reaffirmed and strengthened the platform in 2000 and pledged to accelerate its implementation during subsequent reviews in 2005 and 2010.

I am confident that today's Forum will again demonstrate China's commitment to the global conversation on gender equity and why women's leadership is so critical for a harmonious and peaceful world where all members regardless of race, ethnicity or gender can achieve their full potential.

China lead the way in the conversation for women's empowerment in 1995, and I have no doubt that the women of China will blaze new trails these next 20 years.

Today is a great step forward toward Beijing+20. Congratulations to the Shanghai Women's Federation!

One final note, I would like to share with you that my mother, Linda Stevenson is here today from the United States. Her advocacy for women owned businesses has fostered my passion for women's leadership and she has been my inspiration to support leadership development for university women in rural China. She demonstrates through her actions, that women supporting women with a few good men, is the best path to empowerment.

My sincere thank you to the Shanghai Women Federation for making it possible for me to share my mother and her wisdom with you today!