Co-organizers & sponsors
2014年10月23日 15:00

Shanghai Hexing Moral Forum

Not just a volunteer group made up of people from all walks of life at all ages, Shanghai Hexing Moral Forum is also a harmonious 3-gengeration family with the youth as top players. Our great desire is to pass down and carry forward the traditional virtues of China. Shanghai Hexing Moral Forum has hosted 21 public seminars in Shanghai to promote traditional Chinese virtues. Over thousands of attendees have benefited from those moral virtues by putting into action in daily life, work and sociality. Through positive public seminars, we open our arms extend to everyone who is willing to learn moral heritages, enrich his life and uplift the value of his life, so that together we foster harmony, peace and happiness.


Shanghai Qinyi Fashion Ltd. Co.

Founded in the year of 1998, Shanghai Qinyi Fashion Ltd,. Co. has been known as a high-end clothing business fully capable of designing, producing and selling. It was in the year of 2001 that Qinyi succeeded in making clothing for leaders attending APEC Summit, thus leading to Chinese clothing fashion across the world. By inheriting elements of Chinese national culture and upholding the Chinese spirit, Qin Yi has been committed to fashionable clothing rich in classical Chinese elegance with the trendy western traits.

QinYi's designs and clothing have been favored by celebrities and successful people on various occasions and has been one of top choices for government officials, diplomatic personnel and consular officers.


Zhejiang YunLan Bay Tourism Development Co., Ltd

Zhejiang YunLan Bay Tourism Development Co., Ltd has been devoted to developing YunLan Bay Holiday Resort Town. Located at Yangtze River Delta, YunLan Bay Holiday Resort Town nestles at 13-square-kilometer Jiangshan Dayun Ecological Holiday resort and is only 16-minute ride to Shanghai by Shanghai-Hangzhou bulletin train. Zhejiang YunLan Bay Tourism Development Co., Ltd has worked in conjunction with the renowned hotel giant Hilton Group to provide tourists with a well-developed five-star hot spring holiday resort with comprehensive services integrating leisure, vacationing, health cultivation, physical sports, hot spring recreational activities where tourists can relax physically and mentally. With its wonderful geographical location, excellent ecological environment and fantastic supporting facilities, YunLan Bay Holiday Resort Town is another famous tourism attraction of JiaShan City after XiTang Water-side Town.


Shanghai Mingyuan Group Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Mingyuan Group Co. Ltd. is a conglomerate specializing in real estate development, biology, pharmaceuticals, artifacts, light-industrial products with a AA credit rating. Its predecessor was an industrial art factory established in Chenhai, Guangdong Province, in 1985. It registered as a group company with nation-wide operations in 1999.


Jala Co.Ltd.

Jala Co.Ltd. is a cosmetics company providing world-class quality products to oriental women. Since its establishment in 2001, Jala has build up four famous brands, MAY SU, CHAN DO, AGLAIA , and IN SEA , operating through more than 23,800 retail outlets, employing more than 6,000 staffs and 60,000 online sellers. It is one of the largest and leading group companies, ambitious to become a sustainable and expanding global enterprise with great potential profitability and social responsibility.