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Horizon Research Consultancy Group

Horizon Research Consultancy Group was founded in 1992 , with its headquartered in Beijing and branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. Horizon Research conducts independent quantitative and qualitative researches for domestic and overseas enterprises, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Horizon Research is the representative of European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR ) in China, the vice president Institution of China Marketing Research Association, as well as one of the first institutions that were authorized to carry out international research projects for National Bureau of Statistics of China. Horizon Research has more than 600 full-time researchers, 90% of them own master degree and above, most of whom have oversea study background. Company has 5,500 part-time university students interviewers, 1,000 parttime regular interviewers, 800 part-time senior interviewers, and 10,000 interviewers of "Horizon Wings" network.

The company has developed its business partners in more than 45 countries; and has long standing partnership with international consulting firms including Roland Berger, Ernst &Young, Mercer and etc; Updated independent research results are released every week, and quoted and used globally by over 1,000 media in Chinese, English, Japanese, German and French.

Horizon has won several Corporate Social Responsibility awards, and enjoyed renowned reputation in public interest research, youth social entrepreneurship and independent evaluation for public interest. It is widely recognized by the public and the media the most dynamic independent third party service provider.


Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Shanghai Office

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), founded in 1925, is a German private, nonprofit, political foundation. Our aim is to foster social democracy, solidarity, social justice, sustainable development and international understanding. We promote these values with programs to enhance political education, international cooperation, a scholarship program, research and consulting. Our international cooperation connects us with partners in more than 100 countries all over the world.


Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association

The Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association (SOR SA) is an NGO that came into being in 1913 on the initiative of some returned scholars from overseas with expertise in a wide range of disciplines and professions.

Since the resumption of its activities on September 3, 1984, the membership of SOR SA has increased to more than 10,000, including more than 560 overseas members. Among its present members, over 70 are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and over 20 the Chinese Academy of Engineering. To streamline its organization for effective functioning and cohesion, over 40 chapters have been set up. 

SOR SA aims at promoting unity among scholars living in and outside China, fostering friendship among them, carrying out academic and information exchange and promoting cooperation, serving as a kind of nexus and bridge for the rejuvenation of China and for boosting prosperity in Shanghai, with all its members fully dedicated to the building of socialist material, spiritual and political civilization in the country.


The Bund

The Bund Media Co. Ltd. is a three-dimensional media camp bringing together the legacy and the edge-cutting, prints and We-Medias. Core values of the Bund culture such as broadmindedness, humanitarianism, quality life, and commitment to social responsibilities will serve as codes of the media camp that is taking shape. We will continue to upgrade and promote The Bund, and spare no efforts in developing The Bund Daily in the form of mobile media and building the media camp of various applications for interpersonal communication and community life.

The three-dimensional media camp of the Bund consists of four parts:

·The Bund, the heart of our media camp. We have a faith in the value of high-quality print media, news reports of originality and depth, and the path different from internet media, i.e., targeting an elite audience and guaranteeing precise delivery as well as data construction. It is our goal to create the select media in the era of internet.

·The Bund Daily, our new brand of We-Media, with an agenda to become the leading fashion media. It provides the latest news and practical information about diet, traffic, fashion, etc. to an audience of white-collars. The Bund Daily has become an application recommended by Mac, with a daily increase of 4,000 users, and more than 10 million hits per day. The number of users has actually already exceeded one million so far.

·The Bund Social Media Community, a Wechat community dedicated to providing professional customer-tailored service and building sustainable relationships with the users. The programs developed so far include The Bund Education, Independent Fashion Designers, Life Is Beautiful, Wenlin's Cuisine, Read Top, The Bund Billboard, etc.

·The Bund Event, a series of activities designed for readers to meet up and interact in real life rather than the cyberspace. We have already started the well-received Best Design Hotel Contest, and Beauty Original. Also under the way are The Bund Master forum and The Bund Changer, both of artistic and social themes, and activities for awakening an environmental consciousness such as Interest in Nature.