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Shanghai Municipal Committee on Women and Children's Affairs

Founded in August, 1995, Shanghai Municipal Committee on Women and Children's Affairs (SMCWCA ) is a governmental inter-agency institution in charge of women and children's affairs. It has 39 member units, including relevant governmental departments and non-governmental institutions. It consists of administration office, women's group, children's group and three professional committees, namely statistics & coordination committee, expert evaluation committee and rights protection committee. Usually the superintending vice mayor will assume the office of the director, and the deputy directors will be the vice secretary general of the municipal government and leaders from Organizing Department of CPC. Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Municipal Commission for Development and Reform, Shanghai Municipal Commission for Education, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Health, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics and Shanghai Women's Federation.

The basic functions of SMCWCA :

·to coordinate and promote 39 member units to enforce the Law of People's Republic of China on Protecting Women's Rights and Interests and the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors and implement the plans for the advancement of women and the healthy growth of children in Shanghai

·to safeguard the rights of women and children by organizing, coordinating, guiding and supervising related department to well perform their duties; to create a sound social environment for women and children's further advancement in light of the basic policy of gender equality and the gender mainstreaming as well as child first principal

·to coordinate and promote the member units to initiate researches on the new issues and problems concerning women and children's demands and interests and find out solutions to those problems which women and children concern most in Shanghai

·to coordinate and promote the member units to provide sufficient human resources, funding and materials necessary for the management of women and children's affairs

·to take responsibility for guiding, super vising and assessing the performance of the subordinate committees at the district and country levels.


Shanghai Women's Federation

Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), founded in August 1950, is a mass women's organization striving for women's further advancement under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. SWF, a linkage between the government and women, is one of the major pillars of the society. The main function for SWF is to represent and protect women's rights and interests, to promote the equality between men and women.

Shanghai Women's Congress is the superior authority for SWF. In urban area, Shanghai Women's Federation has its branches in districts, communities and in women's committees in neighborhoods, while in the countryside; its branches extend to counties, townships and villages. Shanghai Women's Federation also has its network covers scientific, educational, cultural, public health systems and government organs as well as democratic parties, religious and ethnic groups. Shanghai Women's Federation only have group members, these members are: Shanghai Women Employees' Committee trade unions at various levels, Shanghai YMWA, Shanghai March 8th Red Banner Pacesetters Association and another 11 professional women's associations like Shanghai Women Engineers Association, Shanghai Women Doctors Association, Shanghai Women Lawyers Association, Shanghai Women Judges Association, Shanghai Women Scientists Association, Shanghai Women Prosecutors Association, Shanghai Women Entrepreneurs Association, Shanghai Media and Press Association Women Journalists Working Committee, Shanghai Media and Press Association Women Editors Working Committee, Shanghai Senior Workers in Science and Technology A ssociation Female member Committee, Shanghai Photographers Association Women Photographers Branch as well as Shanghai Women's Studies Association, Shanghai Family Education Research Association, Shanghai Marriage and Family Research Association.


Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association

Established on Feb. 25th, 2011, the Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association is China's first public diplomacy institution. Mr. Feng Guoqin now holds its presidency. Building on the successful experience and positive outcomes of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Association is dedicated to serving China overall diplomacy and development, contributing to Shanghai's openingup and modernization drive, and working as a platform and bridge for enhancing understanding and cooperation between China and the world.