Jin Xing 金星
2014年12月17日 13:05


Jin Xing

中国知名现代舞蹈家、意见领袖。有着中国军队艺术院校严格训练和早年在北美与欧洲的游学经历。1995年返回祖国后,创建了中国第一个独立现代舞蹈团,并走向国际舞台。她曾获得英国普利茅斯大学的荣誉艺术博士学位和法国政府的法兰西共和国文学艺术骑士勋章等。2012 年起,她主持参与了多档脱口秀和真人秀节目,拥有近百万粉丝。

Jin Xing is a well-known modern dancer and opinion leader in China. She graduated from a military academy and studied in North America and Europe. She returned to China in 1995 to found the first independent modern-dance troupe in China. She was given the Honorary Doctor in Art by Plymouth University, UK, and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government for her stage accomplishments. Her appearances on a number of TV shows since 2012 have won her millions of followers and social influence.