Pauline Leonard 保琳娜·列奥娜德
2014年12月17日 13:05


Pauline Leonard

英国南安普顿大学社会学教授、职业前景研究中心联合主任。长期从事与职业、就业相关的性别不平等问题的研究,发表多篇论著,包括与苏珊· 哈尔福德合著的《性别、权力和组织》(2001)。曾在中国香港居住多年,并据此写作《后殖民地组织中的外国身份》;也曾在南非从事研究工作,并将出版《南非的英国人》。目前,她正从事英国南安普顿大学公共政策团队关于工作中的性别与平等问题的政策评估项目。

Pauline Leonard is a professor of Sociology and co-director of the Work Futures Research Centre, University of Southampton, United Kingdom. She has longstanding research interests in all issues of gender, particularly in relation to work and employment, organization and inequality. She has published widely in this area including "Gender, Power and Organization" (2001) with Susan Halford. She lived in Hong Kong for many years and her book "Expatriate Identities in Postcolonial Organizations" is based primarily on research conducted there. She has also conducted research in South Africa and a new book "The British in South Africa" is to be published in 2014. She is currently working on a "PublicPolicy@Southampton" policy review of gender and equality at work in the United Kingdom and Europe.