Liang Shu 梁曙
2014年12月17日 13:01


Liang Shu

新加坡商业暨专业妇女协会华文分会会长。1985年至1992年在中国担任中学英语教师,1992年移居新加坡,与丈夫共同创立建筑材料供应公司。1995年加入新加坡商业暨专业妇女协会华文分会,担任秘书长、副会长等职务;2001年参与新加坡华源会中国新移民总会的创建工作,历任理事、副秘书长等职务; 2010年被推选进入新加坡商业暨专业妇女协会联合会担任理事,服务至今。

Liang Shu is currently the president of Singapore Business and Professional Women's Association - Mandarin Chapter. She was an English teacher in China before migrating to Singapore in 1992 and founded a building materials company with her husband. In 1995, she joined the SingaporeBusiness and Professional Women's Association - Mandarin Chapter and assumed the roles of honorary secretary and vice president positions. In 2001, she joined Hua Yuan General Association of New Immigrants from China and assumed the role of committee member and deputy honorary secretary. In 2010, she was recommended to join Federation of Business and Professional Women (Singapore) as a committee member and has been active till date.