Michelle Garnaut 米歇尔·嘉娜特
2014年12月17日 12:59


Michelle Garnaut

米氏餐饮集团创始人、首席执行官。其餐厅及酒吧成为各自城市的先驱,广受业界好评并屡获嘉奖。在过去的25年间,她在香港创立了M at the Fringe,在上海创立了外滩M餐厅和魅力酒吧,以及北京的前门M餐厅。多年以来,她致力于多项慈善活动和社区项目,亲身参与麻利都来洗公益项目,为中国偏远地区的妇女筹建公益性浴室,以此改善她们的生存环境和健康状况。

Michelle Garnaut is the founder and CEO of a trio of pioneering and award-winning restaurants and a bar in China. Over the past 25 years, she has opened M at the Fringe in Hong Kong, M on the Bund and the Glamour Bar in Shanghai and Capital M in Beijing. She has actively led and managed numerous charity and community projects over the years and is currently involved in the Village People Project, which seeks to improve the lives and health of women in rural China through the creation of community bathhouses.