Wang Anyi 王安忆
2014年12月17日 11:22


Wang Anyi

国际知名作家,复旦大学教授,中国作家协会副主席,上海作家协会主席。1977 年起发表作品,包括长篇小说《长恨歌》、《富萍》、《天香》等十一部,部分作品有英、法、德、俄、日、韩等译本。曾获得茅盾文学奖、鲁迅文学奖、法兰西共和国艺术与文学骑士勋章等国内外重要文学奖项。

Wang Anyi is a world-renowned writer, professor of Fudan University, vice chairwoman of China Writer's Association, and chairwoman of Shanghai Writer's Association. She started writing at 1977 and her works include The Song of Everlasting Sorrow, Fu Ping, Celestial Fragrance, Baotown, many of them have been translated into English, French, Deutsch, Russian, Japanese, Korean and many other languages. She has also been given multiple awards including Shanghai Literary and Art Award, Maodun Literature Prize, Luxun Literature Prize, World Chinese Literature Prize, and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.