Invitation to the 11th Shanghai International Forum on Children

Invitation to

the 11th Shanghai International Forum on Children

January 16th, 2017

Respectable madam/sir,

Children, who represent hope and future for each family are closely related to national prosperity and development. Building up a comprehensive children's welfare system and providing children with more attention and support from government, society and family for children's sound growth and development are of vital importance in implementing the priority principle of children and building a child-friendly city. Recent years have witnessed development of China's overall national strength, improvement of social safety net, increasing national investment in children's education and health and more care to the children in difficulty in terms of medical care and basic life. However, there is still room for improvement on children's welfare policies and social supporting system in China due to restrictions caused by traditional concepts, economic factors and social transformation.

With the purpose of facilitating social welfare system, enhancing transformation to an "appropriate universal social welfare" and creating atmosphere conductive to children's sound growth and harmonious family development, the 11th Shanghai International forum on children, which will take place on September 15th, 2017 will be focusing on the theme of children's welfare and family development as well as discussing responsibilities of government authorities, society and family in children's growth and providing an opportunity of equal dialogue of improving children's welfare system and promoting family development.

We are looking forward to your participation, sharing study accomplishments and listening to in-depth perspectives. By making concerted efforts, we would like to make contribution to enhancing children's sound growth and creating a more harmonious and pleasant social environment.

The Secretariat of

11th Shanghai International Forum on Children

Shanghai International Forum on Children

Sept.15th 2017, Shanghai


Children's welfare and family development


Panel discussion

1. Public day care services and social responsibilities

---Successful practices of overseas public day care services for children

---Role of government and society in the development of public day care system

---Model discussion of the operation of community day care facilities

2. Theories, legal system and development path on children's welfare

---Theories on children's welfare

---Comparison of legal system on children's welfare across the world

---Children's education, medical care & legal protection

---Patterns of changes for children's welfare system in China

3. State protection for children in difficulty

---Prevention & intervention of neglecting and abusing of children

---Protection & development for the vulnerable children influenced by migration (migrant children, left-behind children, vagrant children)

---Welfare system for children with disabilities

---Children's poverty

Live interview, online broadcasting

Children's development & family education

---Concepts and practices on children's development in China

---Influence of different family educational model on children's development

---Establishment of social supporting system for children's growth & development

Round-table meeting

Children's welfare & media responsibilities

---Role of media in establishing & improving children's welfare system

---Practices & thinking on new media in enhancing children's welfare

---Responsibilities of media in terms of choice of publicity perspective, way of publicity, news contents and way of broadcasting

III. Organizing Institutions

1. Hosts

Shanghai Municipal Working Committee on Women and Children's Affairs

Shanghai Women's Federation

Shanghai Academy of Social Science

Fudan University

XinMing Evening News

2. Organizers

Juvenile Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Science

Shanghai Family Education Study Association

Population & Development Policy Research Cetner of Fudan University

Shanghai Children's Foundation

Shanghai Scientific Child-rearing Base

IV .Time & venue

Sept 15th, 2017(Friday), Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel

V. Temporary program

Sept 14th, 2017(Thursday)

13:00---18:00 registration of overseas participants

Sept 15th, 2017 (Friday)

08:00---08:50 registration of attendees from Shanghai

09:00---09:30 opening ceremony

09:40---11:40 conference

12:00---13:30 lunch

13:30---15:30 panel discussion

15:45---16:30 closing ceremony

VI. Application information

If you are interested in participating in the forum, please fill out the form as follows and hand in the form by April 30th, 2017

VII. Contact information

1. Please check for details of the forum

2. If you would like to contact the secretariat of the forum, please refer to details as follows, tel:8621-64330001*6331 or 33165393,, fax:021-64312077.

Please check the attached file "Invitation to the 11th Shanghai International Forum on Children"