Award of March 8th Red Banner Pacesetter (Model Unit)

The public selection and appraisal of March 8th Red Banner Pacesetter(Model Unit) is an integrated awarding program of the excellent women (unit of women), which is the superior award of honor in the network of women's federations. The Award aims to commend and publicize the excellent women who have made remarkable achievements in the drive of Shanghai's economic and social development. The Award also inspires the women in the city as a whole to strive to make new contributions to the advancement of Shanghai.

It was in 1960 when the 50 anniversary of the March 8th International Women's Day that a group of excellent women in Shanghai were entitled with March 8th Red Banner Pacesetters for the first time. Although the awarding was suspended during the Cultural Revolution period since 1966, it resumed soon in 1978. Since 1982, it has become the regular work of women's federations every 2 years.