Shanghai Women's Innovation Award

Shanghai Women's Federation, together with Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Educational Commission and Shanghai Municipal Personnel Bureau carries out the public selection and appraisal of winners for Shanghai Women's Innovation Awards.

The award aims to commend women talents with significant achievements in science, technology and education, trying to encourage a great number of female workers in area of science and technology and education to accomplish themselves, contribute to the society by empowering them into talents with integrated and professional qualifications, whilst through whom to promote women's active participation in politics. The Award has further brought the role of Shanghai Women's Federation in terms of social influence into full play.

Mme. Ye Shuhua, academician of China Academy of Science, chairs the work of the appraisal committee of the Award. At present, there are 25 members of the committee, 20 of whom are professionals with high technical titles such as academician, professor, researcher, senior engineer, senior editor etc.

It has been the fifth edition of Shanghai Women's Innovation Award since 2000 and 25 laureleats has been awarded, 24 women has won the nomination prize.