Themed Seminar Held to Enhance Co-operation between Shanghai & Yunnan Woman Organizations

A 15-day themed Seminar was held in Shanghai by women federations from Shanghai and Yunnan on November 15-29, with 50 participants from women organizations at different levels in Yunan.

At its opening, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF, extended her welcome to colleagues from Yunnan. She commented that both organizations were writing a new page of collaboration between Shanghai and Yunan, in which collaborations were to be detailed despite of challenges and difficulties ahead of them. She suggested her colleagues from Yunnan to learn and research based on questions and puzzles in mind, broaden their visions to identify a better way and approach to have their difficulties cleared off by gaining from best practices contributed by both the woman organizations. It was the aim of the seminar to empower staff to contribute to rural revitalization project.

Chen Fang, vice chairperson of Yunnan Woman's Federation made an address at the opening as well. She raised four requirements for her staff, such as having a better understanding of its significance, empowering themselves with the CPC spirits and etc.

By taking into consideration elements as new situation, requirements and tasks, the theme for the seminar was supported with 12 lectures arranged to cover interpretation of main ideas generated from the 6th Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, CPC history and etc., to ensure the participants have a wide exposure to information related.

Staff from Yunnan was led out of classroom for field trips to Pudong Development Zone, the historical site of the 2nd CPC National Session and etc. They were also taken to an exhibition center for sell local delicacies from Yunnan.

An agreement was made between the woman organizations to run 1-2 seminars each year in Shanghai to provide staff from Yunnan with exposure to new ideas and approaches in woman affairs. It was regarded certainly as a way for SWF to contribute to rural revitalization project designed by the CPC Central Committee. So far, 576 staff from Yunnan was empowered through the seminars.