"Child-friendly Community" Applicants Evaluated

Specialists for "Child-friendly Community" project went to Hongkou District on November 22 to evaluate its program and practices related based on its application. During their stay in Hongkou, specialists evaluated efforts made and achievements gained by Jiaxing Rd. and Sichuan Rd.(N) Neighborhood Committees in the enhancement of Child-friendly project. Leaders from SWF Hongkou Division and Sichuan Rd.(N) Neighborhood Committee accompanied the evaluation tour.

The evaluation was done through listening to a brief, checking files related and inspecting facilities available to support their application. Specialists on the team completed the evaluation and offered their comments and suggestions.

The report indicated that the two neighborhoods, in answering to a call to the "Child-friendly Community" Project, made an effort to build up a service center and a home for children of high quality and turn out brand-new models, projects and services available to benefit children advancement.