"A Healthy Way for Child-Nursing' 2021 at Local Communities" accomplished with Success

A program to help locals to understand how to nurse children healthily, based on 12 lectures, was designed and carried out from July to November this year, in favor of local residents free of charge. It was initiated by Shanghai Working Commission on Women and Children, and operated by Shanghai Women and Children Advancement Research Center.

The program was community-oriented, expected to lead children to gain knowledge of the CPC history and Convention on the Rights of the Child, improve facilities available for children and guide children to kick off projects for environment improvement with their initiatives. As a result of the program, children reflected that they did learn a lot from the program.

The Research Center did a survey among children before the program started at local community with 187 survey sheets collected, which reflected little knowledge about issues as follows: only 28.9% of children knew the Convention on the Rights of the Child, 29.4% knew the Four Rights of the Child, 34.2% knew the Right of Participation for the child and even less of the drive to build a child-friendly community.

Two months later, the Center did it second survey, the result of which did reflect an improvement as compared with the previous one: 85.03% of children knew Convention on the Right of the Child and 82.89% knew of their right for social participation. The program witnessed an achievement in which 94.1% of children were able to speak up and 86% of children recognized the approach for publicity of knowledge. Children involved in the program cherished learning modes as game-type, model-type and self-designed practice.

The Research Center was encouraged to enhance its program so as to offer a better service to children and families in Shanghai. 10 townships from nine districts registered for application to be a child-friendly community and a school from the outskirts of the city were invited to join in the program with 98% of children satisfied with the program in the end.