Training for HR Staff Declared Open

SWF hosted a training course in favor of HR staff on November 18-19. Sun Hongyan, head of HR Department, SWF, attended the opening and gave her orientation to cheer up trainees. Zhou Miao, president of Shanghai Women Cadre School, chaired the opening.

In her orientation, Sun indicated that HR staff was encouraged to have a better understanding of main ideas derived from the 6th Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, make themselves known of SWF's functional orientation and get their political consciousness improved after the training. Trainees were also inspired by Sun to sort out their shortcomings at work for improvement based on the training offered. In the end, Sun suggested HR staff to put what they learnt into practice soon to enhance their ability for implementation.

The Course was organized from three perspectives as understanding the general situation better, enhancement of personal theoretical cultivation and personal advancement. A couple of lectures were offered to back-up the above-mentioned perspectives. The HR staff at the training was from SWF organizations at different levels.