Meeting Held to Sum-Up a Project for Two-Cancers-Screening in 2021

Office of Children and Women Working Commission hosted a meeting on December 29 at Jing-Guo-Yuan, together with the Municipal Health Commission and related organizations to sum up a screening project at an aim of discovering mammary and cervical cancers at the earlier stage for a positive recovery.

At the meeting, Zhu Qianwei, deputy chief of the Administration office attached to the Commission, presented a sum-up report over the project and put forward the follow-up scheme in the next stage as calling for a combined endeavor among the involvers related to push the project forward, giving a wide publicity to its necessity among woman clients to drive more women in need to accept the screening, formatting a network to cover the screening project, establishing a system for reviewing and carrying out evaluation and inspection over the project.

Wu Xiangyong, chief of the Dept. of Maternity and Child Health of the local authority, shared her ideas for the next stage with the audiences and two staff from the local districts as Minghang and Jinshan presented their best practices at the meeting as well.

The screening project was initiated as early as in the year of 1998 under a project of "A Hand to Women in Need" for their fitness. Later in year of 2007, an Act for Legal Right Protection for Women was revised to make sure women in need provided with a free screening service over mammary and cervical cancers by the local government once every two years. In the year of 2008, the project was listed a city-wide action for women in need with its funding financed totally by the local government. Finally, the screening was legalized with its service upgraded based on the local government sponsorship.More than 5 million person/time have been offered to women in need for screening up to the end of 2021 ever since it started. 62 hospitals and medical facilities participated.

The sponsors for the project as Shanghai Working Commission on Women and Children, Shanghai Health Commission and etc. attended the summing-up.