Exchanges Among Female Scientists and Technologists across Yangtze-River Delta Opened

An exchange among female scientists and technologists ins Yangtze-River Delta opened on December 28. Shanghai Association for Female Scientists and Technologists was announced established at the same time.

Du Rei from All-China Women's Federation attended the exchange and the launching ceremony for the Association together with Zhao Zhuping, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Government.

In her address, Du pointed out that federations across the Yangtze-River Delta operated a series of successful projects, set up an exchange and cooperation platform in science and technology, and played a positive role in leading career women in the areas to devote themselves into a drive for invention and creation and make their contribution to the regional advancement. She further called women scientists and technologists to do their best in leading local scientific and technological invention and creation. She urged university girl students to bear in mind far-reaching expectations pined on them and learn to be successors and contributors to the national scientific and technological enhancement. She also asked her staff across Yangtze-River Delta to do what they could in playing a role of assistant and dear ones to women scientists and technologists.

During her stay in Shanghai, Du enjoyed her tour at Tongji University, Changyang Campus, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility and Zhangjiang Science City, where she had cordial conversations with female teachers, girl students and woman science workers.

Shanghai Deputy Mayor Peng Chenlei had a talk with Du over topics of career women's contribution to the local economic development. Some other leaders from All-China Women's Federation accompanied the tour.

Chairpersons from Jiansu, Zhejiang and Anhui Provincial Women's Federations were with the event via online approach. More than 50,000 watched the tour online.