Routine Meeting for Family Service & Children Affairs Held by SWF

SWF held its routine meeting on December 28, to discuss over issues concerned with family service and children affairs. The Meeting was hosted by Gu Xiujuan, chief of the Dept. for Family Service and Children Affairs. SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang attended and address at it.

In her address, Wang commented that the Department achieved an outstanding progress in enhancing family and children affairs in the past year, which included progresses made in editing the 14th Agenda for enhancement of family civilization, operating a week-long program to give a wide publicity to family education, successful operation of the 12th International Forum on Children Advancement and the 18th Festival for Family Culture. She expected her staff to improve their skills in plan-drafting, match their work project with SWF primary responsibility and tasks, stick to demand-oriented to improve their service by clearing off problems ahead and call for resources combined to expand SWF contingent for volunteers.

Gu Xiujuan and Cai Hongxia in charge of family services and children affairs shared with the audiences plans for next year and a couple of staff from SWF Sub- Federations presented their best practices one after another, which left a deep impression on the audience at the meeting.

SWF staff in charge of family service and children affairs were present at the meeting.