SWF Leaders on Their Survey Tours at Grassroot

In recent days, SWF leaders made their survey tours to reach the local woman clients in an aim to understand better their thoughts and needs, in order to draft a more feasible working plan for the next year.

SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian went to visit Changning District on December 10, together with her colleague Liu Wuping. Chen Ying from Changning District Government accompanied the survey.

Ma visited a couple of tourist spots such as Women and Children's Home at Columbia Circle, Tsutaya Bookstore, former villa for Sun Ke, son of Sun Yat-Sen, founder of the Republic of China. After hearing a story of offering a decent living facility to youth elites, Ma asked her staff in Changning District to get familiar with the woman elites including their hobbies and needs, so as to offer better services according to their needs. Ma was told more heated issues in her follow-up tour, as needs for public transportation improvement, elevator renewal and etc. She reflected that woman organization at grassroot should reach as many woman clients as possible and give more attention to senior women at present their need and difficulties in daily life. During her stay in Changning, she was impressed by the services offered to local women and she expected her staff to collect as much resource as possible to reach and serve the women in need.

Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF, led her survey to International Center for medical Treatment at New Hongqiao Zone. She asked her staff in Minghang Chapter to be brave enough in trying new running models for woman organizations and their layout. Zhen Changzhong from Fudan University commented that woman organizations might well expand scope of targeted clients, i.e., not only offering services to career women, but also to their families. The survey team listened to a brief on plans for the development zone and had a field trip to outpatient departments and research labs afterwards.

Ge Yingming, vice chairperson of SWF, went to Qingpu District for a survey of woman organization reform, together with professors from Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Ge highly commented on achievements gained by the local woman organization in initiating a greening project and suggested the woman organization to do trials as they could in its organization reform. The survey team visited practice base for CPC enhancement, village-wide service center and had a conversation with the local staff.

Wang Jiangzhang, vice chairperson of SWF led a survey to Song Jiang District. A district leader accompanied her tour.

During her stay there, Wang urged her staff to pay more attention to political guidance program to ensure woman clients loyal to CPC and its course. Zhen from Fudan University suggested SWF staff to enhance their work mechanism and do a good job in satisfying woman working in private sectors with their needs.

The survey team had a field visit as well to G60 Exhibition, guesthouse available for elites working there and etc. After the visits, the team had a discussion with career women over heated issues as how to give full play a role of woman elites in scientific invention, how to enhance women advancement in their career development and etc.