SWF Chairman in Xuhui District for a Survey

SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian went to Xuhui District for a survey on December 12. Xu Quan, Deputy Secretary, CPC Xuhui Division accompanied the survey. The survey was designed to go to grassroots, visit model service facilities for women and children and ask for needs of woman clients face to face.

Ma visited the Mingyan Vegetable Market Women Federation as the first of its kind nationwide, Tianlin Neighborhood Children Service Center, a model for "Child-friendly Community", and Xuhui Women and Children Training Center, the first district-level legal-right protection training base in Shanghai, where she listened to their reports on operation and achievement.

At the Vegetable Market, Ma had a cordial conversation with woman peddlers about their involvement in issues of education, legal right protection and etc. Ma was told that the woman organization established was a solid backup to woman peddlers. Regarding shortage of schooling for woman peddlers, Ma suggested the woman organization there to link up with the others to do something to help woman peddlers improve knowledge and abilities, while Ma encouraged the woman peddlers to do their best to enable residents nearby to lead a easy and cozy life.

At the Children Service Center in Tianlin Neighborhood, Ma asked for information about teenagers and she indicated that services needed to be designed to meet with needs of families and empowerment of family members. She suggested setting up teams of volunteers to support services available for residents.

Ma visited a training center afterwards, where she recognized a necessity for training women according to needs and urged her staff to protect women and children from being hurt with passion according to laws, which, she thought was most important for woman organization to do. She also asked her staff to give a wide publicity to laws related with women and children. Ma said that she would be more than happy to see more branded services and projects born out in the benefit of the local residents in the days to come.