Marriage Disputes Prevention and Resolution Program Evaluated in 2021

SWF hosted a meeting in Xuhui District to evaluate a program related with marriage disputes disposal, which were operated by the local woman organizations. Specialists from political and law authority, office of letters and calls were invited to handle the evaluation, together with other 40 participants.

At the meeting, program operators from 16 districts presented their performance via PPT and oral report. A final mark was made based on series of evaluations by the experts, SWF, and the other program operators at the meeting, based on the established standard issued by the political and law authority.

After the evaluation, participants were invited to visit a court in Xuhui District to get themselves familiar with best practices in resolving marriage disputes.

In the days to come, SWF was to inspire its staff to take the program as a tool to contribute to a city-wide drive "doing your client a favor with an action". SWF was also determined to give the government departments concerned a help in ensuring local women with sense of gainfulness, happiness and safety. About 40 people attended the evaluation meeting.