Construction of Children-friendly Public Spaces at Waterfront Areas Accelerated

On November 16, a conference on the construction of children-friendly public spaces at waterfront areas in Shanghai was held in Yangpu District. SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian attended the conference, together with leaderships from the Municipal Developmentand Reform Commission, Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Yangpu District Government, and Yangpu Commission on Women and Children.

In her speech, Ma of SWF urged organizations related with the Municipal Working Commission on Women and Children or SWF to understand better that "establishing a children-friendly city" is an important measure to implement the Central Government decision, an important sign of high-quality city development, and a practical way to realize children's rights and interests as well as promote children development first. To establish a children-friendly city, it required to display Shanghai's capability, care and speed.

Xie Jiangang, general secretary of the Yangpu CPC Committee, said that children's affairs were big deals which worth our best efforts, children's affairs were long-term deals that required our continuous efforts, and children's affairs are for everybody's interest, which called for our concerted efforts. The Yangpu Government would contribute to the construction of children-friendly city with more wisdoms and forces.

Chen Shiyan, deputydirector of the Municipal Developmentand Reform Commission, said that the Commission was working on an executive plan of the children-friendly city construction, together with the Municipal Working Committee on Women and Children, and Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development. They would work on perfecting a co-working system for multiple organizations and departments involved, improving policy support for the project, and playing a guidance and leverage role in the process.

Zhu Jianhao, deputy director of the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, said that they would perfect the executive plansfor children-friendly public spaces along the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, based on the guidance of related department, standards for a children-friendly city, and successful experiences.

On the session, representatives from Yangpu, Changning, Pudong and Xuhui Districts shared experiences on establishing children-friendly public spaces.

For the project, the Municipal Working Committee on Women and Children signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Yangpu Government, a framework agreement with Tongji University. A 5.5-kilometer-long demonstrative children-friendly public space will be built at waterfront areas in Yangpu District.