41 "Four New Fields" Women Organizations Set This Year

SWF has been developing women organizations in the "Four New Fields", namely new fields, new industries, new classes and new groups, to cover as many women as possible. By offering guidance, services and connections, the women organizations in the "Four New Fields" are expected to help more women public get a sense of identity and belonging.

During the "Tackle Difficult Problem Action", the women federations at municipal, district and neighborhood levels focused on issues like making strategic identification of city development and industrial distribution, as well as expanding women organizations in the "Four New Fields". Guidance on setting organization, perfecting service, improving function and adopting proper administration were offered, to help the organizations actually gather the women public rather than simply cover them.

So far, 301 women organizations in the "Four New Fields" were set up, including Women Organization of Advertising and Media Industry in Changning District, Women Organization of Financial Street Center in Hongkou District, Women Organization of Domestic Industry in Xujing Town of Qingpu District, and Women Organization of B&B Association in Chongming District. 41 "Four New Fields" women organizations were set in 2021, in which 478 women from the "Four New Fields" participated as executive members.