Training for Staff in charge of CPC Affairs Held

SWF held a training course in honor of staff in charge of CPC affairs on November 4-5 at Jin-Guo-Yuan. Wang Jianzhang, vice chairperson made an orientation at the training course.

In her orientation, Wang indicated that staff in charge of CPC affairs were expected to be organizers, facilitators and practitioners for CPC affairs and programs related, for which they should enhance their ability in political understanding and stick to a correct political direction. Further, they were requested as well to contribute to a modern government organ enhancement project with which as a tool to make both CPC affairs and women affairs a good success through a deep combination of both.

Lecturers as Zhou Jingqing, Zhang Chunmei and Liu Hengchao from the Municipal Party School were invited to lecture for trainees. Tao Jianhua from CPC Discipline Inspection Group was asked to give a lecture as well based on case studies.

In discussions, trainees talked with each other in line with their personal experiences and learnings. All highly commented the training for its rich curriculum and a keen theme emphasized.

Staff in charge of CPC affairs from 14 governmental organs were registered with the training course.