Recognition of Red-Flag-Holders (Units) for 2021 Started

A meeting was held on November 4, to prepare for the coming project to assess and appraise Red-Flag-Holders (Units) in the year of 2021. Li Ming, vice chairperson of SWF addressed at the meeting.

In her address, Li requested that it was important to understand the significance in assessing and appraising Red-Flag-Holders (Units). She urged all SWF branches to have a long-rang-plan in nursing candidates for Red-Flag-Holders (Units) and diversify their approaches and means in assessment, recognition and publicity. She furthered that Red-Flag-Holders-Lecture-Team, Shanghai Women School for Innovation and Union for Red-Flag-Holders were expected to play a key role in the above-mentioned programs, so as to lead women course to a higher stage.

Recognition of Red-Flag-Holders (Units) project was to resume its regular frequency of once a year in which, who was excellent in enhancing soft power and competitiveness of the city, city digitalization and etc. 300 Red-Flag-Holders were expected to be recognized, among whom, 10 Pace-Setters, 10 Pace-Setters-Candidates, 200 Red-Flag-Holders-Unites were to be marked in the coming International Women's Day.

Representatives from women organizations, PLA stationed in Shanghai and state-owned enterprises from the central government were present at the meeting.