The 12th "For Children" International Forum Held in Shanghai

The 12th "For Children" International Forum was held on October 19 and 20, themed with "Quality Life and Children Development". The Forum was co-held by Shanghai Women and Children's Work Commission, Shanghai Women's Federation, Pudong District Government, Shanghai Academy of Social Science, and Shanghai Normal University. Representatives from 17 countries, and a dozen of cities in China offered their suggestions and advices on the forum. Deputy Mayor Zongming, who is also the director of Shanghai Women and Children's work Commission attended the forum and delivered a speech.

In her speech, Zong pointed out that children's health, children's education, children's safety, children's welfare, family raising, and growth environment were set as the six priority fields for children development in the newly released 14th Plan for Women and Children Development in Shanghai. The work of children development is facing many new challenges, with consideration of regular epidemic prevention and control, the Third Child Policy and the "Double Reduction" Policy. Children's interests and needs should be fully considered in policy and law making. Priority should be given to serving children's health, developing children's education, and guaranteeing children's welfare, as support for children and children's development in Shanghai.

According to SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian, SWF kept morality education as its fundamental task for children's development. That includes discussing on possible measures and mechanism to improve children's health based on regular epidemic prevention and control, advocating school education, family education and comprehensive children's growth based on the "Double Reduction" Policy, and realizing a coordinative development of children and the city based on the 14th Five-year Plan.

Since initiated in 1999, Shanghai "For Children" International Forum has kept "Everything for Children, and for Children's Everything" as its aim, while offering an academic exchange platform to support children's healthy growth and development.

In the Forum this year, angles like "family education and parent-child relationship", "welfare policy and children's interests", and "city development and children-friendly community" were taken, to discuss on the roles of the government, society, market and family in children's healthy growth.

Experts and scholars shared their thoughts and achievements in various aspects like psychology, education, sociology, management, law and medical science.