Women Entrepreneurs Gathered in Pudong

2020 Women Entrepreneurs Forum at Yangtze River Delta was held in Pudong District on October 26, it also marked the 5th Pudong Women Entrepreneurship Contest. Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) attended the forum and delivered a speech.

Weng extended her congratulations to those honored women elites for their excellent achievements in career development, which reflected in certain women's strength in growth. In her address, she encouraged women in Pudong District to join in women-oriented contests at various levels to show women's strength. She also encouraged women organizations to take the lead in inspiring younger career women to do their best in their career and social lives.

The forum was designed to offer a platform for women resided along Yangtze River Delta to share with each other their best practices in career advancement and initiated a dialogue among them for collaboration in the days to come.

Women elites from cities along Yangtze River Delta made presentations at the forum. 24 competitors who made the final of the 5th Pudong Women Entrepreneurship Contest were honored at the spot. Three honored first-prize winners displayed their projects.

A new Base for Innovative Women Talents and Business Starters in Pudong District was established on the spot, to ensure a mechanism to support sharing in opportunities, resources, experiences, and etc.

The career women representatives from Pudong appreciated environment available for career development in the district and commented that the forum was conducive to their advancement in the days to come.