Project to Empower Homes for Women Declared open

A launching conference for an upgrading project for Women's Home programs was heldby SWF on October 14. At the meeting, 29 Women's Homes and 15 related educational organizations were honored. Plans for the follow-up upgrading were detailed at the meeting.

The two-day-long session covered themed lectures, field visits and workshops, which was intended to help women organizations and leading staff of Women's Homes to understand better the significance of Women's Home project and its objectives.

Prof. Zhang Hai from East China University of Political Science and Lawgave a talk on "Positioning and Functioning for Women's Homein Social Governance". Zuo Guijuan from Jinshan Leixin Welfare service and Xia Zhihui from Shanghai Community Governance Service gave talks respectively on "From Decision-making to Action" and "Cases in Public Mobilization at Grass-roots".

Participants were grouped into five teams to visit 10 honored Women's Homes as filed visits. It was followed up by group discussion on how to upgrade the Women's Homes further.

After the meeting, the project would come to the stage for action. The project was initiated by SWF, which was to set up 10,000 Women's Homes of preliminary degree, 1,000 model Women's Homes and 100 upgraded Women's Homes in total. SWF was to be responsible for preparation of 100 upgraded homes for women.