SWF Vice Chairperson Surveyed on Women's Needs in Yangpu

Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF and Chen Jianjun, head of SWF Network Department visited Yangpu District on August 27, to survey on women's needs there. Jin Xueping and Ge Jinghong, head of the Yangpu Division, SWF, participated in the survey, together with other 20 women representatives at municipal, district, enterprise and neighborhood levels.

Weng briefed about SWF's "Women's Needs Survey" program as well as SWF's achievements in the first half of 2021. She hoped that women's federations at municipal, district, and neighborhood levels should all play their roles in helping women participate in government administration and political affairs, such as setting platform and relocating resources. The federations should also do better in policy publicity among the women,advocating typical cases of capable women, offer and helpingmeet the urgent needs of women, children and family.

The participants had heated discussion over issues like the Third Child Policy, the Double Reduction Policy, teenagers' psychological health, equal employment for women, providing for women's old age, community-based service in digital transformation, family education, youth mating, and financial transaction. Weng responded the suggestions and advices from the participants actively. She promised to organize the needs the problems that the women public cared the most, study and seek for solutions, and deliver some of the suggestions to related municipal organizations for solution.