SWF Vice Chairperson Surveyed on Women's Needs in Jinshan

Ge Yingming, vice chairperson of SWF, and Lu Ronggen, hed of SWF Rights and Interests Protection Department visited Jinshan District on August 27, to survey on women's needs there. Li Wei, chairperson of Jinshan Division, SWF, participated in the survey, together with women representatives from all fields.

Ge expressed her gratitude to the participants' suggestion and advices, and promised to study the suggestion well further. She also made requests on the Jinshan Division's work in 2021. That includes deepening the CPC history education among the staff, handling concrete affairs for women in a down-to-earth manner, and planning for the federation's next-step work based on the SWF Reform request and Jinshan's practical development.

Li of Jinshan Division reported on the division's progress in the Survey on Women's Need program, and made suggestion on guidance for family education in the new situation, the incline in women federation resource delivery, and support for the new-type women farmers.

The other participants also gave their advices based on their work, such as career women's physical and psychological health, women's participation in government administration and politic affairs, improvement for domestic services, setting children-friendly communities, and cares for special women and children groups.