SWF Surveyed on Women's Needs in Huangpu

Liu Wuping, second-level inspector of SWF, and Zhou Miao, president of Shanghai Women Cadre's School, surveyed on Women's Needs in Huangpu District. Lu Xiaojun, chairperson of Huangpu Division, SWF, participated in the survey.

Liu of SWF briefed the Outline for Women's Development in China (2021-2030) and the Outline for Children's Development in China (2021-2030), as well as SWF's work in the first six months, and plans for the rest months in 2021. She said that it is important to collect and study the livelihood issues that the women public cares most, and work for solutions. She made requests for the federation staff, including strengthening theoretical studies, enhancing the sense of mission and responsibility in women's work, and responding actively on the needs of women, children and families.

Representatives from the neighborhood, communities and the "Four News" (new fields, new business, new classes, new groups) had heated discussion on topics like driving the city's digital transformation, construction of the five new cities, improving the city's soft power, and implement of the Third Child Policy etc.

Liu and her team also visited the Huangpu Guidance Center for Family Civilization Construction.