SWF Vice Chairperson Researched in Baoshan District

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei visited Maternal Care Group in Dachang Town, Baoshan District for research on August 20. Related staff from SWF, women's work committee of municipal bureaus and offices, and representatives from Baoshan District participated.

Weng visited the "Yuezi" Club of Maternal Care Group, and learned about the basic situation and the enterprise's needs. She also researched on the needs and suggestion that women and families care most, based on which SWF should work for practical measures and solutions.

Weng discussed with the research participants on women and family related problems. The participants talked about issues like the low fertility desire of Shanghai women in giving birth to the second or third child, policy support needed for career women's maternity leave and physical check, needs for employment skill training for women workers facing job transfer, etc.