SWF Chairperson Researched on Women's Needs in Putuo

SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian visited Putuo District on August 20, to survey on women's needs there, together with representatives from SWF, CPPCC and Putuo Division, SWF.

Ma responded actively on suggestions and advices from the representatives. She said that women federations should perfect their services grounded on women and children's needs. She made a series of requests on the grassroot women federations' work. That includes learning the needs of women and children face to face, coordinating resource and work together with social forces for individual problems, making good top-down designin system, policy and law to tacklethe common problems, and keeping practical and realistic in helping women and children realizing their pursuit for better life.

The other participants offered their suggestion and advices on issues related with the Third Child Policy, women starting their own middle, small or micro business, child care needs of families with both career parents, and family education in the new era.

Representatives from Putuo Division, SWF, reported on theoretic guidance, federation mission and platform operation. Ma of SWF also researchedCaoyang Village History Museum and Children-friendly Community in Caoyang region of Putuo District.