Women Federations Helped Production Restore in "Double-learning & Double Competing" Bases

With Typhoon In-Fa leaving, SWF researched on the production and life restore in the rural regions and supported those in need. Particular fund was made for the demonstration bases in Jinshan, Fengxian, Pudong and Qingpu districts stroke by In-Fa.

Women federations in the districts led the "Double-learning & Double-Competing" Base staff took emergency rescue like water draining and rushing harvest, to reduce the loss to minimum.

The Jinshan Division, SWF, collected an 800,000-yuan fund for the recovery of "Double-learning & Double-Competing" Base in the region. The Pudong Division, SWF, visited 48 female farmers' production bases, to learn about their loss and compensation and helped expand the female farmers' selling channels. Green channels to Aikucun.com was made for agricultural products of female farmers in Pudong. Particular booths would be set at the Mengxiang Fair in September, to bring the thousands of shopkeepers and the female farmers in Pudong District, Yunan Province and Xinjiang Autonomous Region and possibly form a long-term cooperation. The Division also connected the female farmers to kindergartens, primary schools, and international communities in the District.

The Qingpu Division, the Songjiang Division, the Fengxian Division and the Jiangding Division of SWF all initiated their own programs to advocate the women farmers' products among more residents.