SWF Chairperson Researched on Women's Needs in Jiading

SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian visited Jiading District to survey on women's needs there on August 19. Representatives of Jiangding District CPC Committee, and Jiangding Division, SWF accompanied the research.

Ma visited the Jiading District Women and Children Service Guidance Center, Family Civilization Construction Guidance Center and Women Organization Development Center, and researched about the operation condition, and the participation and satisfaction degree of women and children.

She also held a discussion session on local women's needs in Nanxiang Region, with participation of 30 women representatives. The participants offered their suggestion and advices on topics like driving digital transformation of the city and the construction of the five new cities, improving the soft power of Shanghai, and support the implement of the Third Child Policy. They also talked about the challenges in epidemic prevention, flood control and typhoon prevention.

Ma said that effort of every women representative is needed to help all the women and children in Shanghai achieve their demands. Women federations should also help improve the women public's capability of self-education and self-improvement, so as to Create infinite possibilities with limited resources.

After the discussion, Ma briefed the essence of President Xi Jinping's speech on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of CPC's birth. She also expressed her gratitude to Chicmax Group and Swashes Company for their quick response in aiding Henan in flood, as well as commented favorable on the National Red-banner Pacesetter Zhao Xianzhen's work.