SWF Researched on Domestic Service in Qingpu

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei visited Qingpu District on August 17, to research on domestic service for the elderly, Women Civilization Posts and the "Double-Learning & Double-Competing" Bases. Representatives from Shanghai Domestic Service Association, SWF, and related organizations and bureaus in Qingpu District.

After hearing the report on domestic services in Qingpu District, Weng stressed that domestic service is one of the key working fields for women federations as it involves thousands of households. She hoped that the Qingpu Division, SWF, should drive the industry to explore further for high-quality development, shape "a-yi" of Qingpu characteristics, and thus contributed to local families' happiness.

Zhang Lili, president of Shanghai Domestic Service Association, commented favorably on the domestic service development in Qingpu District, and hoped that the Qingpu Division, SWF, should integrate the resources with general planning, and thus help join the forces to branding the industry in Qingpu with standardized and professional development.

Xu Weiqing, chairperson of Qingpu Division, SWF, introduced about what the division had done to support domestic service development, and promised to play better role in communication and coordination, so as to support the service capability upgrading,

After that, Weng visited the Women Civilization Posts in QingpuDistrict Disease Control and Prevention Center,Party and Public Service Center in West Hongqiao Region. She also visited the "Double-learning & Double-competing" Base in Liantang Town and encourage the women farmers to play their role in Rural industrial revitalization.