Themed CPC Sessions Held at SWF to Enhance Study

All CPC Branches at SWF organized their themed sessions to enhance the study project since August. All CPC members were asked to join. At the sessions, CPC members shared their learnings with each other and pick up shortcomings in their work and made plans for improvement. Staff from an Inspection Group attended themed sections at two branches.

SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian attended a themed session arranged by one of branches, at which she was in a capacity of an ordinary CPC member. The session was hosted by Zhu Qianwei of Shanghai Women and Children's Work Commission Office.

At the session, Ma told stories of heroes and heroines and shared her ideas with the branch members based on a topic of how to interpret "six issues" and initiated self-criticism afterwards.

Ma stressed in her talk to be earnest at the study, learn to help women public clear off difficulties and enhance ability to do job well.

Zhu of Shanghai Women and Children's Work Commission Office briefed the participants how the session was prepared, her self-criticism and her plan for improvement at the next phase.

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wen-lei attended the themed session with her colleagues at Dept. of Propaganda and Networking. At the session, Weng offered audiences a general picture of her service at SWF and did self-criticism as required. She pointed out at her talk that doing more favors to women public was the very target designed for this study project. Weng also attended the session arranged by the Dept. of Development and Liaison on August 16. SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang send a CPC Branch her presentation in written form as she was on sick-leave.

SWF Vice Chairperson Ge Yingming joined in her colleagues at the session arranged by the Office Branch, and the session hosted by the Dept. of Legal Right Protection in August.

Liu Wuping of SWF attended the session hosted by the Dept. of HR On August 27 and gave a talk at the session to outline her five elements worth to give an attention to.

All CPC Branches based on SWF subordinated establishments had sessions one after another to sum up their achievement from the learning project in the past days, including rooms to be improved in the next stage.