Educational Program for "Four Histories" Study Furthered

SWF had its meeting on August 16 to review the first phase progress of the educational program on "Four Histories" study, and forward what to be done next. SWF Chairperson Ma Liejian hosted the meeting and had a talk at it with all SWF staff present.

Ma commented that SWF did an excellent job in enhancing educational program by organizing a variety of projects to inspire its staff to do better, which certainly upgraded their competence and shaped a better environment for learning and work.

Ma stressed that in the second phase, SWF was to generate more projects to enhance the educational program such as publishing a collection of women elites stories and SWF Chronicles to sing praises of CPC leadership over women movement. More lectures and talks were arranged among women public to guide women following CPC's footsteps. 100 specialists, scholars and teachers were ready to join in the lecture and talk project and they were expected to generate a batch of research reports to back up SWF consultation service to the local government. SWF executives were encouraged further to reach women at grassroots to better understand women's needs and difficulties. Five actions were ready to launch by SWF to assist girl students for employment training, health care for women in difficulty and etc. Ma asked the SWF staff to exert their strength to fulfill tasks in the later part of this year, including a detailed plan to accomplish tasks All China Women' Federation assigned.

Departments related gave an introduction to arrangements made for learning important instructions from President Xi and for four histories learning project at the meeting.