SWF at Shanghai Qingchuang Service Center

Liu Wuping of SWF visited Shanghai Qingchuang Service Center for a survey tour on non-government organization enhancement on August 12.

Liu encouraged women organizations to unite with forces from all walks of life for enhancement of women organizations and their program in benefit of the targeted clients. She asked organizations as centers to play a leading role in carrying out social responsibilities, ran their services based on laws and rules and gave their attention to needs and demands of the general public and offered their helping hands to those in need.

Liu toured each of the sections attached to the Center and gave an ear to the general introduction to its business, ideas for service and cases did in the past years. Liu had a face-to-face talk afterwards with SWF executives in which, she highly commented what executives did and encouraged them to play a half-sky role in the local economic and social advancement. In addition, Liu was invited to a birthday party in August, at which, she extended her greetings to those happened to have their birthdays in August and urged the center in her talk to extend more attention to its staff their needs, so as to have them dedicated to the center and their career advancement.

The Center was set up in June by SWF Putuo Division, District Organizations Federation and etc. SWF Putuo Division, executives and the others were present at the tour.