SWF Survey at Pudong for Township Enhancement

Weng Wenlei and Liu Wuping of SWF led a team to Pudong for a survey of township enhancement, where they visited a service center at a village, a family courtyard, and a base for vegetable production to see if the service and production recovered after the typhoon attack.

The team were introduced to cloth weaving, crops production and culture related with township by Chen Pinfang, who operated the courtyard project. The Qingmei vegetable production corporation shew the team around to experience a digital-aided crops production. The team also toured Haishen Village where they visited a village sitting room, guesthouses run by the local farmers and creation center at township level. The tour to the village impressed the group so much. They highly commented the achievements, and encouraged the villagers to keep it up and make the village productive, prosperous and beautiful.

Wang Lina, general manager for Shanghai Honggangqing Lentils Production led the group to visit her facilities, where she briefed the group her experience in agricultural production. Weng got into a plastic-covered shed to check on the impact derived from the recent typhoon. She encouraged Wang to pluck up her confidence and lead her people to go ahead with her career and wished her all the best in the days to come.

Liu in charge of Guifeng Fruit and Crops Production also reported about the typhoon impact on crops and the remedies done so far. Weng gave it an applause and asked Liu to keep it up and play a leading role in the drive of rural revitalization.