A Wide Publicity of Red-Flag-Holders Ready to Go

Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) was to give a wide publicity to advanced women workers like the Red-Flag holders and the "July 1 Medal" holders, so as to inspire career women following the steps.

The advocation was planed as follows:

Firstly, collaborate with primary local news media to give a wide publicity to the above-mentioned heroines.

Secondly, tell heroines' stories at any possible approaches and platforms.

Thirdly, initiate a lecture-team to invite a group of heroines to share with the public their understanding of CPC.

Up to now, 25 lectures were done which attracted 3,300 audiences. More lectures would be arranged to cover topics of main missions for the local city as a part of the program. In addition, themed lectures would be sandwiched by the coming local festivals as well.