Kazakhstan Consulate-General Visited SWF

Rakhimov Rakhymzhan, Consulate-General of Kazakhstan to Shanghai, visited SWF on August 6. During his stay at SWF, Rakhymzhan had a cordial conversation with Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF. Zhen Yi and Jing Weiqing from Dept of Development and Liaison also participated.

Weng gave an introduction about Shanghai programs to enhance an equity between women and men, and the progress SWF made to facilitate women advancement, protection of women's legal rights and enhancement of environment better for women and children to advance. When taking about Forums for Women Advance and for Children, Weng extended her invitation to the visitors to the coming 12th International Forum for Children.

Rakhymzhan highly commented on the progress SWF achieved and extended his congratulations on the CPC's 100th birthday. During his talk, he touched the topic of bilateral collaborations between two women organizations, such as initiating an online Conversation, themed picture display and etc. He invited SWF leader to join him to initiate a bilateral exchange between them in the days to come.