A Seminar Held to Discuss difficulty in Mandatory Parenting Education

SWF recently initiated a seminar to discuss mandatory parenting education, including the difficulty in it and an approach for perfection. Participants includes those from SWF, Shanghai Municipal Procuratorate, Division for Juvenile Protection attached to Shanghai Educational Authority and etc.

At the seminar, a temporary research achievement was announced by the research team of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, entrusted by SWF. Participants to the seminar had a heated discussion over topics related such as necessity of mandatory parenting education and its social support elements, difficulty at present and possibility to get them over and enforcement procedures and penalty. Participants also had profound discussion on the implement of the 118th item, Code on Protection of Juvenile, (Revised in 2020), based on judicial juvenile cases and cases of juvenile victims of family abuse.

The discussion will be furthered into research reports, as a ground for new projects and proposals for the "Two Sessions" next year.