Female Elites Forum of World AI Conference' 2021 held in Shanghai

AI Female Elites Forum affiliated to the World AI Conference' 2021 was held on July 8 at Shanghai Exposition Center, which was jointly hosted by SWF, Shanghai Trade Union and etc.

Chen Yin, vice mayor (Executive) of Shanghai city addressed at the forum. The other VIPs at the Forum included Mo Fuchun, vice director of the municipal People' Congress Standing Committee, Zhang Endi, vice president of the municipal committee of the CPPCC, Shen Jian, head of Shanghai Authority for Economy and Information Technology, Ma Liejian, chairperson of SWF and other chairpersons of women organizations from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. About a thousand audiences online and offline attended the Forum, who were from local industries, universities and research institutions.

Under the guidance of SWF and Shanghai Authority for Economy and Information Technology, Female AI Elites Association was set up, backed up by women organization attached to the local authority for AI development and Deloitte, China and Shanghai Society for AI Manufacturing at an aim to draw more attention to female AI employees. Further, an innovation competition for career females in the Yangtze River Delta Region was announced open, to inspire career women to become a mainstay for science and technology innovation.

An exhibition named "Her Strength" was on during the Forum, which told stories about eight successful females in the AI industry, showcasing women's power in innovation and starting new businesses.