President Xi's Speech on July 1 Learnt and Cherished

SWF held a meeting to learn and cherish President Xi's speech at the celebration of the CPC 100th Anniversary on July 5, in an aim to inspire its members to think and act as the speech instructed.

President Xi's speech made at the Celebration was of great importance for it was taken as a guide for action. It urged the CPC members to never forget why they started, and always remember their mission -- guiding the Chinese people to seek for a bright future, based on the history of evolution for CPC.

The meeting came to a conclusion that SWF should act upon a call from CPC at once, in which, SWF was to lead its staff to learn the speech and play a leading role in inspiring the women public to do the same and turn their gaining into a powerful motivation to facilitate the local social and economic advancement. SWF further asked its staff to carry out the drive named "Do Real Favors for the Women Public", as a way to benefit the city development, community safety and public happiness. SWF also urged its staff to be brave in reform and innovation, so as to upgrade SWF service quality.

SWF leadership shared their gaining from learning with SWF staff and other attendants at the meeting.