Meeting for Human Resource Development Held as Expected

SWF held its meeting as routine to cover the topic of human resource development on March 19. At the meeting, a sum-up report over 2020 programs was delivered and plan for the year of 2021 was detailed. Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson attended and spoke at the meeting together with over 40 staff from SWF.

Sun passed on main ideas from the similar meeting held by All-China Women's Federation recently and put forward two points while recognizing what SWF did in the past year. In her address, she stressed to do a good job in term-change at grass-roots, giving a full play to those career women temporarily working at SWF posts as well as those working as SWF executives, volunteers and social workers. She further stressed to upgrade programs related with human resource development.

Sun Hongyan, in charge of Dept. of Human Resource Development, SWF did summing-up. The other speakers shared with the audience their best practices in enhancement of human resources.