International Women's Day Jointly Marked by Women in Shanghai and Macau

An celebration online to mark the 111th International Woman's Day was shared by women both in Shanghai and Macau with a help from Tencent on March 19. The celebration was hosted by SWF, Women organization in Macau and SWF Xuhui Chapter. Chairpersons of woman organizations at two cities attended the event and leaders from Shanghai CPC Chapter and CPPCC were invited to join as well. Weng Wenlei from SWF and Li Xinyi, hostess of Macau Broadcasting and TV Corporation jointly hosted the event.

Wang Ju, from CPC Shanghai Chapter highly spoke of important roles women of two cities played in the combating against COVID-19 Drive. She indicated that Shanghai Union for Overseas Exchanges was ready to assist women organizations at two cities to enhance their cooperation and exchanges. He Dingyi, chairperson of Macau Woman Organization addressed the audience by saying that women played an important role in bringing COVID-19 under control and recovering production sooner when possible. She furthered that Woman's Federation in Macau would as it always do to inspire women in Macau to be builders for the development of Macau by following President Xi's Instruction and calls and play a role of "Holding up Half a Sky" in practicing the policy of "One Country and Two System" to ensure Macau and Motherland safe and prosperous.

Xia Tao spoke at the event, in which he pointed out that the celebration online was a good platform for women of two cities to learn from each other and he was sure that a collaboration of high quality between two cities was on its way as long as with a full support from women of all walks of life.

During the celebration, more exchanges were carried out as both sides expressed wish to intensify exchanges in fields of economic, social and cultural and sport advancement. Xu Mei, deputy head of Shanghai Association for Female Calligraphers presented her art work to her colleagues in Macau, which was written by her personally right on the spot. "Holding Up Half a Sky" Film Exhibition was expected on show in Macau later of this year.

More female leaders from all walks of life were invited to attend the celebration online, who were Huang Qi, vice chairperson of SWF, member of CPPCC, Song Hui, from Shanghai Authority for Sports, Li Yanling, president of Shanghai Union for Red-Flag-Holders and etc.