Film and Lecture Series on CPC Affairs initiated

An initiative of CPC Lecture Series was open to the public on the afternoon of March 12, which was jointly sponsored by SWF, CPC University, Shanghai Branch and Shanghai University of Electrics with Shanghai Union for Red-Flag-Holders as the operator for the program.

At the event, Prof. Mei Lihong gave the first lecture and film entitled A Riot of Colors meaning Spring was projected, a film to tell stories of women in Shanghai went out of kitchens to seek for career development. Liu Haibo commented on the film and shared with audience stories behind the film.

The Red-Flag-Holder Union set up a team with a hundred lecturers on it, who were going to reach districts, communities and industries to offer lectures to listeners there coupled with themed films to help residents better understand how Chinese women were awakened and kept struggling until success in vision

A film review under the theme of "Women Holding Up Half a Sky" was launched as well at the event.