Meeting Held to Enhance CPC Affairs at SWF

On March 17, SWF held a meeting to enhance its CPC affairs in year of 2021, at which main ideas from the latest meetings related held by the local authority were stressed and a sum-up report and plan for the coming year were presented. CPC members from SWF and its subordinated organizations were called to be at the meeting. Zheng Shuai'nan in charge of supervision affairs was invited.

During the meeting, Ma Liejian, chairperson of SWF and responsible person for CPC affairs passed on main ideas from meetings held recently by the national and city authorities for supervision. SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e made an annual report on the topic and agreements for responsibility assigned at different levels attached to SWF CPC Chapter to ensure respect CPC rules and regulations as expected.

Ma addressed her CPC team members to respect leadership from the Central Committee and govern the team according to CPC requirement. She further asked her team to enhance their political consciousness so as to improve their abilities of judgement, comprehension and implementation.